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AI-Powered Proactive
Engineering Management

Give your engineering, quality and service teams a high-performance analytics platform to predict & detect emerging issues earlier & resolve them faster

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Speed. Quality. Innovation. Efficiency.

Detect issues faster, improve quality and reduce downtime, dedicate more resources to innovation, reduce schedule delays, and automate manual tasks.

Get ahead of emerging issues

Improve speed of issue detection by uncovering masked emerging events

Drive quality, reduce delays & downtime

Reduce quality cost, misdiagnosis, and failures in the field

Continuously innovate

Spend less time on manual activities and more time building new products

Automate manual tasks

Engineers can spend less time on manual data activities

Lead with confidence, backed by data

Maximize value from your data. Axion's engineering intelligence platform detects, contextualizes and prioritizes emerging risks holistically for effortless actionability.

Axion's AI System:
The only AI-powered proactive intelligence platform for manufacturing teams that automates engineering & quality analytics

Automate language interpretation

Utilizes specialized natural language processing technology to detect new, emerging issues

Integrate into team workflow

Pre-built connectors for existing systems to provide real-time insights at high accuracy, with an integrated feedback loop

Mine dirty, incomplete data for insights

Axion provides data aggregation, analysis, alerts, automated workflow management, and predictions of emerging quality issues

Understand issues holistically

AI creates unified digital trace across systems

Start your innovation journey

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