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Teams succeed when alignment is achieved

Our purpose is to provide clear visibility into future results of today's decisions and actions. At Axion, our mission is to empower engineering leaders with the best decision intelligence platform, to strengthen decisions for maximum and efficient results

Leadership Team

Values We Live by


Committed to excellence. Actively focus on delivering meaningful value to partners and the team backed by data. Plan for success and work backward.

Rebelliously Innovative

Constantly learning, growing, & enjoy finding creative solutions to problems. Break the rules & dare to question preconceived notions with new technologies. 


Weave together the best thinking & technologies from AI research, product, data-driven management, and engineering

Collaboration & Empathy

All stakeholders' perspectives & needs are considered, respected, & understood when decisions are made.


Consistent and uncompromising adherence to honesty, objectivity, & empathy

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